Feedback from the SEAmester participants

Thobile Betty Dlamini – read about Thobile’s experience on the SEAmester 2018 voyage here

In passing…

  • Having students also lecture – allows us to learn from our peers
  • Evening non-scientific lectures provided another view on science
  • Being able to put science into a wider context
  • Connecting lectures to assignments – pulled our understanding together
  • I have made so many new friends and build up my contacts for future endeavours
  • SEAmester has made me realise that I have a passion for ocean-based research
  • It has greatly influenced my general career goals and aims
  • I really enjoyed meeting so many people from a diverse range of backgrounds and sciences
  • I loved the way the content of SEAmester has helped me to link up all the theory that I have learnt over the years
  • The group presentations and video promoted teamwork and bonding
  • SEAmester was the best experience of my life
  • I hope that SEAmester will continue in years so other students get the chance to have such an awesome experience
  • I have been changed positively by this course – I am more motivated to tackle my studies
  • Just being together as a team – it didn’t matter what your background was
  • It was a time of my life that I will never ever forget


This programme has been the best experience in my life. It changed my outlook on how to gather knowledge, where to do research, how to think logically as well as to be creative and intuitive

I want to just say a massive thank you for putting me on the SEAmester program and giving me an all-time experience. The content learnt, friendships made and real science experience will stick with me forever. It truly was a special time, especially that we had top lecturers and professors willing to share their knowledge at any time of the day.

Immediately after setting foot onto land I was gripped with a deep desire to return to the sea aboard the Agulhas II. The things I’d do to get just one more week on that incredible ship with all those whom I built fond relationships with….

Recounting the experience with others has proven difficult. It is an experience that has bound us all together. So thank you for giving me this experience, which I shall never forget, and for a seafaring family who I shall forever cherish. I am so grateful and thankful for you and your team’s efforts

Since SEAmester I’ve had a much clearer idea of where I’d like to go with oceanography